Don’T Be Late For A Very Important Date: How To Avoid The White Rabbit Of Distraction And Be A Better Employee

You know the feeling – you sit down to be productive at your desk at work, but you keep getting distracted by everything around you, like your hair, the internet, your coworkers, or even the constantly beeping phone on your desk. But in an age of distractions, how do you keep your focus and stay on the task you're supposed to be working on? The obvious answer is to eliminate (or manage) your distractions – so if you're looking for tips on getting rid of habits that make you spend time on distractions, then here's what you need to know.

Catch Your Zzzzs

It's easy enough to be distracted when working, but if you're consistently tired, your focus will be negligible. Even if you think you're fully rested, you may want to be careful – most people overestimate the amount of sleep they actually get, and getting too little sleep saps both your attention span and your short-term memory, which results in you having to repeat tasks over and over while not focusing completely. Wipe away distractions from fatigue by improving your sleep hygiene: sleep in a dark room, comfortably set to 68 F if possible, and eliminate blue light from electronics at least an hour before bedtime. If you're still having problems getting quality sleep, consider using the natural hormone melatonin (available OTC) to get you asleep quickly and stay asleep.

Silence your Cell

These days, your phone has an almost magnetic power over your mind – when a notification or text comes in, you feel like you just have to check it. But constantly being distracted by your cell phone can prevent you from getting any work done. In order to dispel the hold your phone has over you, try turning off your sounds, alarms, and notifications, so that your phone doesn't light up every second, and set a specific time (or times) to check your phone during the day. If worst comes to worst and you're still too distracted, consider turning your phone off most of the day, turning it on at breaks and lunch to check for any emergencies.

Get Excited

The inevitable consequence of any job, no matter if you love it or hate it, is that sometimes you will get bored. When that happens, it can be near impossible to focus on anything for more than a few seconds. In order to fend off the effects of sheer boredom, try instituting a rewards system with yourself at work. For every 15 minutes of solid work, for example, you could reward yourself with a treat – hard candy works really well for this sort of system – or if you have mundane, mindless tasks to do (like copying down information) you could listen to a podcast or music (as allowed by your workplace). The most important thing to kick the boredom bug is to change up your routine – and if you're still bored, try to make your tasks a game and see how quickly you can get them done.

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